Excerpts from the Senior Diaries
The Exponent was the bi-weekly local paper in Chagrin Falls during the 1800s until the 1960s.

Extracts From Senior Diaries

Oct. 28, 1928

Sept. 10-14

Monday, Sept. 10- A Senior at last. Now I can walk through the halls without fearing upper classmen. Rushed to school to choose the seat I wanted and in five minutes we were seated alphabetically. How I wish I had slept. Spent part of the morning making out schedules. Mother thinks I ought to take domestic science but why should I? I’m going to have several maids when I’m married.

Chapel the latter part of the morning. All the teachers gave addresses. Mr. Dobbs said he was 53 Washington street.
Tuesday, Sept. 11- A Freshman tried to act important today while we were in the hall. I let him know immediately that I was a Senior.

Wednesday, Sept. 12- I awoke this morning fully convinced that the stray kitten I had brought home isn’t as cute as I thought it was. It has too great a lung capacity.
In school I recited fairly well but didn’t seem to satisfy the teachers. I’m sorry I disappointed them but there is a new girl in every one of my classes who smiles so nicely every time I begin to recite. No wonder that I forgot what I want to say.
Thursday, Sept. 13- We have a new kind of history class. Mr. Sands calls it “socialized recitation.” The pupils have charge of the class. Every time anyone recites, he must say “Mr. Chairman.” I didn’t know that and being the first one to recite, I omitted saying it. Mr. Sands stopped me and said “you’re out of order.” I always knew it but I wonder who told him.
In English we are studying American authors and their works. Last year we studied English authors. I can’t see why those people didn’t stay over in England and so we could have finished studying them last year.
Friday, Sept. 14- I’m tired of pronouncing French vowels so I’m glad it’s the last day of the first week. Wish there were a football game.
I’ve learned that much is expected of a senior concerning behavior and grades. But I’m going to try to be on the honor roll this year. It might help my dad’s disposition.