Scholarship Application

Please go to the 2017 Scholarship Application.   This application applies for the CFAA, Chagrin Falls Booster Club, Chagrin Falls Historical Society, EnvisionEight, the Kruse Family Foundation, and the Chagrin Falls High School Music Department Marva Sickinger Musical Scholarship.  You may apply for scholarships from each of the organizations.  If there are any issues, then please email Mr. McKenna at  

To assist you, we HIGHLY recommend that you do the essays on a Google Doc and paste them in to prevent any loss and to allow you to properly edit your responses.

Below are the essay prompts for the various organizations.

Alumni Association

You are to complete only 1 of the essay questions. Your response should be 500 words or less.  At the beginning of your essay, place the number of the essay you are doing.  

#1 - Write a biographical account of your time spent in Chagrin Falls Schools. Please make every effort to convey to the Alumni Association what your time in school was like for you personally.  

#2 - Describe how your development has been influenced by an individual or specific experience from your time in Chagrin Falls Schools.  

#3 - If you had one week and $10,000 to do any act of community service, then what would you choose to do?  

#4 - How has your education contributed to who you are today?

Booster Club

The Booster Club will be awarding a minimum of 3 scholarships totaling $6,000. Each scholarship has different criteria.  You will select the scholarship that you are applying for and complete the essay question for that particular scholarship.  

1.  The Traditional Booster Scholarship:   student must have played one season of a H.S. sport/band/cheerleading.   This scholarship is looking for a student who has excelled academically and in some type of extra-curricular and/or service activity.   

Prompt - Describe a special attribute or accomplishment that sets you apart.

2.  The “Motivated to Succeed” Scholarship:  Students are asked to write an essay that outlines an area where they have shown steady growth or excellence. This scholarship is an option for the student who has consistently participated in a non-athletic school activity, or in a sport that is not offered at CFHS.

Prompt - You are to write an essay that outlines an area where you have shown steady growth or excellence.

3.  The  Booster Promotion Scholarship:  Students are asked to write an essay that outlines how they have either been BOLSTERED or PROMOTED by the school or community, or how the student has BOLSTERED or PROMOTED the school or community.  

Prompt - You are to write an essay that outlines how you have either been BOLSTERED or PROMOTED by the school or community, or how you have BOLSTERED or PROMOTED the school or community.


​EnvisionEight is an investment group with a philanthropic focus founded by eight members of the CFHS Class of 2002. EnvisionEight’s mission statement is,  “To strengthen our relationships and make a positive impact through our passions for philanthropy, knowledge, and prosperity.”  

Philanthropy encompasses giving back to the community through service and donations. Knowledge stands for the hunger to perpetually feed the mind and never stop learning and improving. Prosperity embraces the drive to flourish through innovation, entrepreneurship, and taking initiative. Choose two of the three EnvisionEight pillars (philanthropy, knowledge, prosperity) and briefly answer ALL THREE of the following questions.

Complete all three questions.

Question 1 - Which two pillars are most important to you and why? (200 words or less)

Question 2 - How have you cultivated these two pillars to this point in your life? (250 words or less)

Question 3 - How do you plan to continue to pursue these two pillars in college and beyond? (200 words or less)

Music Scholarship

Complete all three questions.

1 - Please list your musical experiences from 9th grade on.  These experiences can be both from in school and outside of school.

2 - What do you plan to do with music after high school?  College?

3 - How have your music experiences in high school impacted your decision to pursue music a major or minor?

Chagrin Falls Historical Society

Respond to 2 of the 3 prompts.

#1 - You have just received an email from your new college roommate who has grown up in Manhattan, NY.  He/she asks you to describe your community and school as a way to get to know you and where you came from.  In less than 300 words, how will you reply?

#2 - Keeping in mind that what matters most in life is the "dash" between the years listed on a tombstone (i.e. 1925-2008), compose your obituary in 400 words or less.  How do you plan to spend the "dash?"

#3 - Why is historic preservation important in Chagrin Falls?


Kruse Family Foundation

You need to respond to all 3 prompts.  

#1 - Who has been the most influential person on your development as a student-athlete?  
#2 - How has your family background impacted the way you see the world?
#3 - Describe a specific experience you would consider the most important to your high school career.  The event could be from the classroom, an athletic event, an outside school activity, etc.