History of Chagrin Falls Schools 1833 - 1960 Volume I by Tom Mattern '55
To order a copy of this terrific history of Chagrin Falls Schools, then please call us at the CFAA office.  

The Chagrin Falls Alumni Association is interested in your memories of Chagrin Falls and its schools. The purpose of these written histories is to supplement the recently published book by the Chagrin Falls Alumni Association, History of The Chagrin Falls Schools, Volume I 1833-1960.

We intend to continue this history project by writing, Volume II 1960-1980. Teachers, retired teachers, staff, students and alumni will be contacted. Thus, if you would take time to reflect upon the included questions, it will help the process operate smoothly. Your written answers will add more remembrances to our growing archives.

One of the most gratifying aspects of a local school and community history project is seeing the results preserved for future students. Since the first diploma was given to Hugh Christian in 1879, what has happened along the way?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Please copy and paste the information. You can either email back or send via regular mail.
A). Personal Background

            (Last, Maiden, First, Nick Name)

How many years did you attend Chagrin Schools?
Year of Graduation:
Did you have any siblings graduate from C.F.H.S.?
If yes, please list their names and years of graduation:

Did you have any other family members graduate from C.F.H.S.?
If yes, please list their relationship to you, their name and year of graduation:

Where did you live while attending The Chagrin Falls Schools:

How did you get to school (K-12)? :

B. Please relate the grade level you were in when answering the following questions:

1. Typically, what did you do after school?

2. Typically, what did you do on weekends?

3. What kinds of school activities (extra-curricular) were you involved in?
(Please describe what they were like).

4. What were your favorite social activities?

5. What was discipline like when you were in school?

6. Were you involved in any student pranks or student protests? If yes, please describe:

7. What was your favorite class or classes in school and why?

8. Who was/were your favorite teacher/s and why?

9. Which teacher/s and/ or other Chagrin Falls personnel do you recall most vividly and why?

10. Where did the students go on dates?

11. What did students wear to school?

12. What high school event do you remember the most and why?

13. Who did the “Tigers” play in athletics when you were in school and what league were they in?

14. Did you participate in interscholastic athletics? If yes, what sport/s? What big game do you remember the most?

15. Describe the funniest experience that you had while in the Chagrin Falls Schools (K-12):

16. Describe the most serious experience that you had while in the Chagrin Falls Schools (K-12):

17. What was the most worthwhile value that you learned during your experiences in the Chagrin Falls Schools?

* If you wish, please add any additional information, anecdotes or observations about your days as a student in the Chagrin Falls Schools.