Athletic Hall of Fame Programs

Heritage Hall of Fame


There was a time when the accomplishments of high school athletes were not publicly acknowledged as they are today through modern media. Yet, these athletes’ achievements and contributions to their schools were as great as those of any time period.

The Veterans’ Committee of the Chagrin Falls Schools’ Athletic Hall of Fame has created the Heritage Hall of Fame to recognize those splendid athletes of the past. During their tenure at Chagrin Falls High School, the inductees dominated the competition, establishing records and leading their teams to championships.

A plaque with the athletes’ names engraved was presented to Chagrin Falls Schools’ Superintendent, Dr. David Axner, on October 2, 2003, at the Chagrin Valley Athletic Club, during this past year’s Chagrin Falls Schools’ Athletic Hall of Fame induction banquet. Elected to the Athletic Heritage Hall of Fame are Lute Harris (Honorary), Ray Honeywell (1900), Frank Coombs (1910), Lawrence C. Gates (1911), Harley A. Coombs (1912), Sim Shepard (1912), Lawrence Winchell (1921), Cecil Burnett (1922), Britton Tenny (1923), Bruce Schwarze (1925), Durwood Nelisse (1926), Robert Hopkins (1926), Mildred Issac (1927), Cecil Hill (1927), Gordon Bradley (1932), George “Sleepy” Seliga (1933), LeRoy Robinson (1933), Ed “Fuzz” Hammon (1937), Ken Shutts, Sr. (1938), Stan Law (1939), John Benbow (1939), Bill Shelton (1940), George Sindelar (1941), Glen Snider (1942), Harry “Baldy” Brooks (1943), Charles Benbow (1944), Don Lumme (1945), Bob Crowell (1945), Joe Hubbard (1947), Emil Danciu (1948), and Joe Miraglia (1948).