We are currently at 10,064 graduates. (2011)
Largest Graduating class - 1978 had 227 graduates.
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August, 1998
“Chagrin Falls Graduates - How Many?”

I have often been asked the question, “How many students have graduated from Chagrin Falls High School?” It seemed like an easy question to answer; however, it turned into a lengthy but very interesting research project. The first student to receive a diploma from Chagrin Falls High School was Hugh Christian in 1879. He was the only member of the class of 1879. There were no diplomas given in 1880. The class of 1881 had two graduates and the classes of 1882, 1883 and 1884 had one each. There were no graduates, once again, in 1885, 1886 and 1887. In 1888 there were four diplomas given and since there were “so many” graduates from the new Philomethian Street School, they referred to that group as the first “graduating class.”

However, 1908 saw no graduates since that was the year that the Chagrin Falls schools went to a four-year high school. At that time Chagrin Falls was one of the few four-year high schools in rural Northeastern Ohio. As an example, Lewis Messenger received a diploma from the three-year Auburn High School in 1924, did “post-graduate” work at Chagrin Falls High School in 1925 and received a four-year Chagrin Falls High School diploma as a member of the class of 1925.

So, how many have received diplomas from Chagrin Falls? With the graduation of the class of 1998 on June 7, the total number to receive diplomas from Chagrin Falls High School since 1879 is 8,083.

“I graduated from Chagrin Falls”—has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? You’re one of the lucky ones. You’re from Chagrin Falls.

Tom Mattern ‘55

Largest Graduating class - 1978 had 227 graduates.